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Namay Samay is an artisanal fabric house to the interior design trade. We specialise in hand weaves, hand embroideries and hand prints. At the heart of our approach is a dedication to the finest of traditional craft, aiming to make fabrics that are authentic and characterful.

Namay Samay is a superlative in the Bhutanese language literally meaning “beyond sky and beyond earth”



Weaving represents the continuation of our family practice in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, where the beauty of the textiles has achieved global recognition. We now hand weave on backstrap and frame looms in Bhutan and Bengal, using a number of the exceptional traditional techniques found in the region.

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Bengal has long been a centre for Zari, an elaborate technique in metal embroidery thought to have originated in Persia and that flourished in India from the 16th Century under the patronage of the Mughal rulers. We collaborate with this lineage of skilled artisans to produce a collection of exquisite work that draws on historical design from both Europe and the East.

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We are developing a collection of hand prints based on our love of fabrics that are the product of involved artisanal processes. Having started several exciting collaborations, we feel that we are only starting to explore the potentials in this area.

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Our small batch/made to order in-house production set up is very well suited to customisation of all forms, from the choice of colour(s) to more involved collaborations.


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